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Permanent Makeup Artist


My expertise lies in powder brow technique, lip blush and practice in the nano brow technique. I am an industry eyebrow professional and have been creating eyebrows for people for over 7 years. 

I recently relocated to Pittsburgh, PA from Ukraine. In Ukraine, I opened a salon and a school with eyebrow architecture and makeup, where I taught how to create eyebrows with pigment and henna. 

Later I moved to Poland and there, I conducted training courses on powder brows.

I am happy to answer any questions about my experience and am looking forward to meeting  you.



POWDER EYEBROWS   Soft & natural looking results created by a machine with a semi-permanent ink dotted for an airbrushed look.                          



COMBO EYEBROWS   For a darker & fuller appearance, we combine feather-stroke technique & ombre shading for a thicker brow.                                              


NANO BROWS  Ultra fine hair-like strokes are created with a tiny needle, resulting in hyper-realistic results.


LIP BLUSHING  For those looking to rejuvenate the color, add shape or add definition for a fuller enhanced lip.


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